Trades for Success

 In  order for Expanding Horizons Family Services Inc. to help young people  transition from foster care to independence, it is imperative that we  work with them before leaving care to help them build a range of skill  sets that equip them for post-care, out of a system that they have known  and become dependent on.  Skill sets are transferable so they can cope  independently while achieving heightened self esteem and confidence in  their own abilities.

The  "Trades for Success" program focuses on education and skill  development.  While education is always the priority for foster youth,  enhancing their soft-skills has the potential to offer them prospective  opportunities for career development.  As part of the foster plan of  care youth identify trade areas they might be interested in.  Our team  work to match the interests of the youth to fostering families, mentors,  soft-skill training and career opportunities.

With renewed interest in career  opportunities in the trades we believe that there are significant  opportunities for youth to gain soft-skill experience and apply this  experience to career opportunities as they age-out of care.

Under this program we give youth an even  greater chance of success by limiting placement of one youth per foster  home.  This gives the foster parent/family and team an opportunity to  focus specifically on the needs of the foster youth in the home, helping  them prepare to age-out.

We work closely with the trades and  business communities in identifying mentoring, fostering, skill  development and career opportunities for youth.