Expanding  Horizons is a treatment foster care agency committed to the care and  wellbeing of children & youth, licensed by the Ministry  of Children and Yourth Services.  Children and youth served by our  agency include younger children, latency-aged children, and teenagers.

Expanding Horizons provides  services to male and female children & youth where there is a need  for continuity of care through stable family relationships, taking into  account stages of development using the Foster Plan of Care as a  guideline..

Care  is provided based on an individual Foster Plans of Care that embraces  culture, religion, sexuality, education, functioning, emotional, health,  coping, recreation, career development, and aging-out components.  Expanding Horizons works  closely with Children's Aid Societies to compliment exsisting services  and to provide short, long-term aging-out and aftercare care solutions  to every child and youth living in an Expanding Horizons foster home.

Each  foster home has a program component that outlines the expertise of  foster parents, staff and the services offered.  This gives referring  Children's Aid Societies sufficient information when making a referral  for a specific foster home.  Matching the needs of the foster  child/youth to that of the program, foster parent expertise, staff and  overall service provision is essential to the care and wellbeing of each  child/youth referred.

For a copy of our Executive Summary, please contact Marilyn Malton, Executive Director at (905) 380-7977. 

Our Philosophy:

Expanding  Horizons philosophy of care is based on providing ongoing specific  services that advance the child/youth needs and successful, seamless  reintegration into society.  To this end, we will provide a safe,  predictable and nurturing environment in our homes where children/youth  develop their potential in all aspects of their life.  Our primary  concern is to find the right home for each child/youth without the need  to replace them in multiple homes. 

Our Vision:

Our  vision at Expanding Horizons is to provide our foster children &  youth with the essential tools that will enable them to make a  successful transition to independence and young adulthood.  Upon  admission to our foster homes, we will offer the best possible  individualized care and empower each foster child & youth with the  skills to become independent and autonomous young adults. 

Our Specialty:

 What  sets Expanding Horizons apart from other OPR's is our interest in  helping youth achieve improved outcomes as they work to age-out of  foster care.  Our focus in on education and skill development through  our "Trades for Success" program.

It  has been documented time and time again that young people leaving  foster care need to be better equipped to live independent of the foster  care system.  Expanding Horizons felt compelled to develop a program  that would work to help youth gain transferable skill sets that could  increase their chances of success post-care.

To learn more about the "Trades for Success" program go to the "Trades for Success" page of this website. 

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