Expanding Horizons Family Services Inc.


Program Overview:

Expanding Horizons has experience in developing programs which focus on the direct care needs of foster children & youth.  These programs are classifications as foster homes with complimenting wrap-around services offered to each individual program.

Bridging Gaps Foster Home is an example of a parent-staff (mixed-modality) foster home serving 4 male youth, 14 to 18 years old.  This foster home offers a specialty in-house education component (supported by educational staff with Section 23 experience) plus wrap-around services that includes: life skills, counseling, recreation, behaviour management, and other services based on individual needs of each youth.  Reintegration services include the support of a Transitional Youth Worker.

A skills and career development component is also included.  Youth placed in these homes still want to develop their independence and their permanency plan is to age-out of care and would not be returning to live with bio-family.

Our foster care families have experience working with children and youth who require a positive, caring, nurturing and living familial environment.

Wrap-Around Services Defined:

Our wrap-around
services support the foster parents by coordinating services needed to help the youth with their daily living, bringing together regional health care, recreation, educational, treatment, cultural, family, social and community services to develop a short and long-term foster plan of care that will be adapted throughout all the stages of the youth development.

We have expanded our range of support services that are available to children & youth who would be considered 'mental health' and require a diverse care plan that is individually tailored to their individual development. 

These services are focused on helping each child & youth cope with their individual circumstances and develop skills sets, in the following areas:

> behaviour management/emotional regulation
> cognitive skill development
> communication
> coping skills
> social/interpersonal
> daily living
> transitional services & supports

These support services will help address key issues children & youth may be struggling with to (a) help build their skill sets and (b) reinforce their ability to learn independence, especially as they age out of foster care.

Respite Services:

Caring for children and youth with disabilities can be physically and emotionally challenging.  Respite services provide families with support and temporary relief, giving you a much needed break.  These services allow children and youth to participate in meaningful activities that will help them engage with our care-givers through meaningful activities, helping them to learn new skills, as well as building positive, caring and trusting relationships.

Respite services can take place in your home or in one of our licensed relief homes.  These services are available to children and youth, up until 18 years of age.

Our respite care families have experience working with children and youth where support is required for definite blocks of time.
Emergency Care Services:

Our emergency care services provide a safe, caring and nurturing familial environment for children and youth where the stay is anticipated to be 'short-term.'  Our team will assist with transportation and will work closely with the family, referring agency, care-giver/guardian.

Our emergency care families have experience working with children and youth who are in crisis and require immediate support.

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